We Specialize in Presentation Ball Videography

We Specialize in Presentation Ball Videography


We kick things off by filming all the students arriving in their fancy cars. Then we cover the photographic shoots across the evening, from the filming of the final dance rehearsal to the candid moments in between with partners and friends.

The presentation of the debutantes is captured with 2 cameras and the audio from both the MC and the audience is mixed so you can clearly hear the announcements as well as the applause of the crowd.

The presentation dances are also filmed with 2 cameras, switching from a wide shot of the group to close-ups of each couple. We finish up by filming the thank you speeches, parent dances and all the fun of the casual dancing.

“Deb Talk” Interviews

Two students are chosen to conduct interviews with the Debutantes and partners, in which they reflect on the day as well as convey their thanks. The interviews can take place before the main presentation or later in the night.

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Optional Elements

There are a few optional elements and aspects that can be added to the video, based on your preference:

Rehearsal Footage:

An extra something for your Video can be some footage of the students rehearsing at school in the weeks prior to the big night.

Bonus Highlights:

A great addition to your Video could be a 4 minute Highlights Clip

encompassing the whole day as well as the night in 1 well-shot clip set

to a modern song!

These clips can be great to use on School social media platforms

and are a nice, easy way to show the following years’ group how much fun

the Debutante Ball can actually be!

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Turnaround Time

We aim to have a copy of your Video ready to be viewed within 7 days. We send a copy to the school for checking through, before we go ahead with the copies for all the students.

Our Experience

We have over 15 years of experience filming Debutante Balls at all the main reception centres around Melbourne, including The Centre Ivanhoe, The Grand on Cathies Lane, Moonee Valley Racecourse, The Pullman, Lakeside Receptions, The Luxor, Ultima, The Grand Hyatt, The Brighton International and many other Centres around town.

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Our current debutante clients are:

Billanook College

Buckly Park College

Caulfield Grammar

Fairhills High School

Fountain Gate Secondary College

Loyola College

Lowanna College

Monbulk College

Mooroolbark College

Mt Lilydale Mercy College

Salesian College Rupertswood

Tintern Grammar

Bundoora Secondary College

Lavalla College

Luther College

St. Margaret’s School

Warrnambool College

Call us on 1800 403090.

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1800 403090